Rent to Own

Why is Rent to Own better than traditional financing?

There’s no need to get a cosigner, you never have to worry about being upside down on a vehicle, there’s no interest rates, no finance charges, and no need for gap insurance. Lag’s Rent to Own Program saves you time and money! 

What if I have bad credit?

It doesn’t matter if you have perfect credit or horrible credit, with Lag’s Rent to Own Program, there are absolutely NO credit checks!

Do you take trades?

YES! As long as you have a clear title.

How much are the payments?

It depends on which vehicle you choose. Your payment includes sales tax, license plate, and temp tag. No need to go to the DMV or notary.

Are there any other benefits?

YES! If you see a different vehicle you like better on our lot, just bring yours back at any time and start over in the vehicle of your choice. All we ask is that you return the vehicle in the same condition as when you first got it.